Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Video #4: Chemotherapy: The 21 Days in between


  1. ¡Admirable!

    My nephew died of cancer at age 13 and I was 15 at the time. It's been kind of fuzzy in my mind since I wasn't with him all the time. Your videos are making everything more clearer and they're making me understand the hardships of the sickness but the values of the company.

    I admire your work as a professional and you're truly a person to look up to. Your love for life is amazing and your love of teaching is even more breathtaking. I'll have you in my prayers and I'll keep visiting during your journey. Even though I'm far -I'm live un Puerto Rico-, technology brings people together.


    HUGS to you and all of yours!


  2. Hi David,
    My Dad sent me your story... I too am Stage 4. Breast cancer with bone mets, diagnosed last July at 47 years young :-). I took particular delight in your chart of the 21 days. It's uncanny how the red/green days match up, even if the actual side effects don't mirror exactly. Oh! And I also got an animal; she was a rescue kitten. And like you said, theraputic for both me AND my spouse (Henry). Great job you're doing, and great message(s)!
    Stay strong! :-)

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