March 29, 2015

David exited this world on March 14, 2015. His services were held on March 29, 2015. In keeping with his desire to educate the world on his experience our family taped his memorial celebration to share with the world. David had planned the service and the speakers. Given its 2 hours + length we are posting it in parts. Enjoy celebrating the life of David B. Oliver with his friends and family.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Video 26: Mountain Retreat

David welcomes you to his favorite place in the world, Rocky Mountain National Park. He shares an update on his condition, his thoughts about the decisions along the way, and his vision for his final resting place. Come enjoy the beauty and respite of Davids special place!


  1. David, you are an inspiration. I have only known you for a short while, but am always enriched when I hear you speak. I hope to see you again soon. Thank you for sharing your journey, and contributing to mine.
    1d @ a time.

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