Friday, December 16, 2011

Video #11: Cancer Journey Coping Strategies

In this video David and Debbie discuss a few of the ways they have found to cope with the stress of Davids cancer journey.

Video #11: Cancer Coping Strategies


  1. Chewie is adorable; isn't it amazing how much pets help us?

    I'm glad the chemo has helped and thank you for sharing your coping strategies; I'm sure your children will treasure the journals, etc... you are preparing.

    Although I'm generally an IU fan, just this once I'll say Goooo Tigers! ;-)

  2. I've been keeping up with all your videos as you post them. Thanks for your openness in sharing about your journey. I'm glad to hear that the cancer treatments have been working and that you have found good coping strategies. As always, my thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are with you.

  3. David, you continue to amaze me. I listen to every one of you blogs and if I am ever unfortunate to be diagnosed with any life threatening disease I will always remember these. By the way you look like your old self with the hair. Good luck and hope to see you soon, maybe at one of those ball games. George

  4. What a total inspiration you both are. I was just googling anything I could find to find hope for my brother in law (who is just like a brother to me) who is going through cancer as well, and stumbling on your site was just what I needed. I've only watched one of your videos so far and intend to watch them all. I so want to thank you from every part of my heart for giving us a message of hope and watching your bravery puts me back in the right state of mind. You are so special!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish for all of your family many more years of strength and hope. May you know that our prayers are with you. I truly hope you know how your message has entered my heart and how through your example you have strengthened me. I believe it wasn't a mistake that I stumbled over your blog. Best to all your family :)

  5. Great post! I hope you recover as soon as possible!

    - Susan
    Home care Barneasted NH


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